Viewing and Sharing the CT101 Class Websites

Today in class we had to view our classmates websites and give feed back on what they did great or what they can work on to improve their websites. Can i just say that upon looking at my classmates websites hunny the did that. Like Im shooketh!

One of the websites are I visited was my friend’s Vivan. Her website  is based on photograph. Her photos, whew child are amazing. I really how her website is well organized and i each blog post she goes in depth about where she was and the photo she captured while she was there.  Ya’ll NEED to check out her website.

Another classmate website I visited was Vandevika’s  and her blog post is about food she tries and omg like her website captured my attention once I read the word “food” in her website url. She refers to her self as a just another college student who loves food and girl me too . As a fellow foodie I a million percent can relate to being another college student who loves food.

I see eye to eye with her food blog. I really like how she expalins the food she tries and how well encourages her audience to go out and try the food she posts about.  If you love food you need to check out her website .

Alright yall go visit their websites right  now !!!!!!

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