Viewing and sharing class websites!

This week in CT101 our task was to share our “shiny new websites” and check out the websites of our classmates. This whole process of creating a domain name, editing our website, determining our purpose and making weekly posts was quite interesting.

I’ve checked out some websites from a couple of people in the class. A friend of mine Jan has a really cool website. He showcases artistic poems written by himself as well as photography he’s done as well. What I enjoy the most about his website is that he allows the space to be a comfortable place where he can be vulnerable and get out all that he wants to show and say. Also, the content of his posts is intriguing as well.  For example, he captured night scene landscapes, the picture itself was beautiful. I also liked that the poem in his post has a connection to the photographs he includes. If you are interested in poems then feel free to check out his website: As a fellow artistic individual, I really appreciate what he’s sharing!

Here’s a sneak peek of Jan’s works of art.

Another website I found interesting was the website of another friend, Vivian. Her website is dedicated to posting her photography. I like that instead of just posting images she’s captured she also includes other content to spark the interest of her viewers. She includes a music video of an artist she’s currently listening to, as wells as numerous photos she’s taken around NYC. Vivian clearly has some skills and is really mindful of the presentation of her website. For example, she has a gallery plugin that allows her to present multiple photos in a gallery format, in which viewers can click each thumbnail of the images to view it in larger detail.  If you want to check out her website follow this link:

Heres a photo by Vivian that I found really beautiful

Honestly, I was impressed by the websites of my classmates, everyone is progressing nicely and making unique use of their website.

If you haven’t already check out my website, like Vivian and Jan, I also post my own works of art here at

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