Missed Class to Catch up on Sleep

Today, I missed class because last night I had a family member submitted to the Hospital because of health issues. I had to drive my mother and myself to New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital at 11 pm to meet up with my family. The hospital was packed with people, patients and other family members as hospitals usually are but I didn’t expect to be there for as long as I did. I was tired, hungry and just overall over waiting in the hospital waiting room. My family member was finally treated and discharged at 3 am. I then had to drive my family members home to their house in Flushing then drove my mom and myself home to Far Rockaway. I didn’t step foot into my apartment building till after 4 am. I knew I wouldn’t survive the day on 4 hours of sleep so I decided to miss CT101 for my health and get my necessary 8 hours of sleep.


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