Vaporwave? More Like Neverwave

Just for full transparency’s sake, I am absolute trash at being artsy and stuff. I can recognize good art and I can even critique it, but I cannot make anything resemble anything that should be looked upon by sane people.

And today we did vapor wave in class. Yay. It honestly doesn’t help that I’m colorblind (yes a doctor diagnosed me), so I have trouble differentiating between certain shades. For example, I was trying to do a blue/purple gradient but I couldn’t tell where blue ended and purple started. They just look like the same color, maybe purple is a bit darker but that’s about it. Using obnoxiously loud colors to help me out just gives me (and anyone else) a headache, and as I have no creative talent in the arts I didn’t exactly make a Picasso either.

But I have spent 20 years preparing for this. If I cannot make anything that won’t make your eyeballs bleed, I can just take someone else’s and use that! So I took a background from the web and use that instead of home brewing some gradient. This was already done so I didn’t need to do anything myself besides adding some icons!

Looking at other people’s works they did put in more effort than me for sure, and it came out really nice but you know what? I finished the assignment and I managed to put it behind me. I already knew about vapor wave from surfing the web, and Professor Smith has exposed me to the concept before.

Anyways, here’s what I came up with.

The only part I really like about this is Hank’s face cuz that’s exactly how I feel. Threw in a little homestuck reference too because why not, and a groovy skeleton to uplift the mood. So all in all, it didn’t come out as a complete train wreck but it’s also not going up on the fridge anytime soon.

One thought on “Vaporwave? More Like Neverwave”

  1. I really like this one man! I think that you have way more artistic skill than you give yourself credit for. Curating content and media is also skill. I very much appreciate your writing style and very transparent storytelling! Its great, and very consistent! Good work on this!

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