My New Domain

I have a new domain for CT 101 now! I already have a domain but it acts as an online portfolio (and I was messing around with it so now it might be.. slightly… broken, I’ll fix it eventually though), for my code so I’d rather not use WordPress on it and just use some designing skills and display my code on that.

So the new domain I have for Digital Storytelling is worldofafi. I chose this domain name because its basically my world. Afi is just a nickname for me, something that’s a bit easier for people to say than my actual name so I have a little personal touch in this, because you know, this is a blog and not something professional like my other domain is meant to be.

I already messed around with plug ins and themes and everything in between and I’m honestly surprised how easy it is do stuff like this with plug ins. It tempts me to install WordPress on the professional domain but I also know that would lead to me being lazy and skimping out on designing and more development work. Gotta make sure you can do stuff the hard way before you can take the easier way later on you know?

For worldofafi I think I’m just gonna be messing around and blogging rarely (this month at least since I’m going to be incredibly busy), but later I’m prolly gonna blog about some cool tech thing I might’ve found or something along those lines. I’m a nerd so nerdy things will be blogged, what can I say?

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