Feeling Like Spring 🌸

OMG! The weather starts to feel like spring finally. I finally not wrapping myself up with tons of layers. I finally get to hang out with friends outdoor and enjoy the nature.

Of course for some people, spring is the worst thing ever due to allergies. My cousin is one of them. You can see his face turns red, and his eyes are watery during this time. I feel bad for hi, because I see him take the allergy pill everyday.

Anywayssss, last Saturday I went to Flushing Meadow-Corona Park to see cherry blossom. I brought my tripod with me because I thought I would go alone. However, My friend who also into photography tagged along afterwards. There are lots of people near those cherry blossom trees. We needed to wait in order to take a picture without people at the background.

I had fun after all, we took many nice pictures and were able to enjoy the sunshine at the park. There will be more pictures post on my own website.

The weather right now is perfect, but after a month or so, we are all gonna melt under the heat.


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