Worst website to go over at a family dinner? {NFLFEELSTHEBERN.COM}

Hey CT101! As you all know, we are now website builders/owners!! We have our own websites! So exciting! My website is going to possibly discuss the most controversial topics known to mankind…


Many of you will have one of the two reactions to my posts :


My website will have many objectives. Some of the few are:

  1. Give fair representation to all political parties (while also expressing my opinions). So basically, I will have a post that will just state facts and what is found about a certain topic. For example, I may discuss Trump’s new prison reform. Off of that, I will try to give all parties a fair chance but I will end it off with my personal opinion and have a corner which is simply my thoughts on the topic I wrote about (once again like Trump’s new prison reform).
  2. Keep everyone updated on news in the NFL. Usually, I only focus on my team (NY Giants) but on this website, my goal is to be more involved and look deeper into other teams as well.
  3. I will also have this platform mainly to discuss many of Bernie Sander’s political agenda. It is a fiery election and I will use as much resources I can to inform you all about the choices we have for 2020 (as unbiasedly I can).
  4. Honestly, my website will be a mixture of things. Occasionally, I will also post about gossip in pop culture. My recent post is about Cardi B and if she will be looked into for basically admitting to drugging and robbing men. I will keep updating on my website about this topic so keep checking on my website for updates.
    Post about Cardi B: http://nflfeelsthebern.com/uncategorized/will-cardi-b-be-investigated/ 

Anyways, thank you CT101 and please go ahead and check out my website http://nflfeelsthebern.com/!!!

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