Vintage Poster.

In CT101 class from last week, we recreated a vintage poster. We were able to choose any place and use photoshop to edit the photo. This allowed me to use skills from previous classes in order to complete the assignment.

Recreating the image was not easy. I could not remember how to remove the text. I had to ask professor Seslow. Although he showed me how to remove the text by using the the “rectangular marquee” tool then filling it with “content-aware” it did not work 100%. It did not work because I originally selected too much. In order to remove the text as I hoped I had to fill the text twice. Below is an vintage image of Aruba.

Above is an image and in the text it says “Aruba una isla feliz” in spanish. In english it translate to “Aruba one happy island.”

The poster that I created that is above says “CT101 una clase de felicidad” in spanish. In english it translate “CT101 a class of happiness.” I chose to do a vintage poster on Aruba because it is one of my travel destination during spring break! My blogging website that I created for this class is a combination of everything that I love to do travel, makeup and experience new places to eat! Feel free to check out a few things that I love to do on my blog…


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