Vintage Poster

When I was young I always dream to travel around the world because I like to explore different cultures. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life. So far I travel to five countries already but, still, I wanted to travel more.

In today’s class, we are recreating or reconstructing vintage travel posters. By saying that I chose one of my favorite place which is “Tibet” also called “The Roof Of The World”. Because Tibet is placed with lots of glamour animals and beautiful natures environment that gives you a set of peaceful mind.

In order to finish this classwork, we have to use the photoshop to recreated or remodel the vintage travel post by taking out the words or adding the new words and adding the new image to it. First I chose the vintage travel poster from the internet and then I open it up the photoshop. In the Photoshop First, I used the select tool to select the words and then I click on the edit and open up the file. From the file, I click on content awareness to delete the words that I selected. After I deleted the words I wanted I added new words to it. After that, I again open a new regular image and used the eraser tool to erase the background of the regular image. Later, I added the crop regular image to the Vintage travel poster to make little bit fancy. That how I end up with my this poster.

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