Traveling Ideas 🛫

What’s the first thing that comes to my mind when semester to be over?


This week we re-designed some vintage travel posters by removing the words in there, and added some new words or image in the posters.

I chose California and Sydney because I have wanted to go to these places for a long time. One of the bucket list I have is drive to the West Coast.

I put “CT 101” like the Hollywood sign because I think Hollywood is really significant whenever we mention California or Los Angeles. Also, the weather of California is always dry and sunny, that’s why I put “sunshine” on my poster.

I have been wanting to go to Australia for so long. I wish I can have an opportunity to go there when I graduate from college. I see it as graduation trip with my parents. I can imagine myself taking tons of pictures there because the weather is always nice. It’s more a nature side of environment which I really enjoy. I added a plane around, but I don’t know if it’s military aircraft? I just see it as vintage plane and it fits my poster, that’s why I added it on it.

There’s some new tools I used when I was doing this project. I used eyedropper tool to find a perfect shade. Also, I used “content aware” in “Fill” tool. The project is easy and fun to make.

p.s. I made two new blog posts on my own website, so make sure to check those out also!


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