Travel Around CT 101

Why travel the world when you can travel around the CT 101 Blog Posts.

Today in class we took Vintage travel posters and used it to make a poster for our CT 101 class. My idea for this poster has to do with all the posts, I’ve seen so far.

Each post that I have seen on CT 101 has been diverse, interesting and authentic. With the CT 101 airline, you can see all the blog posts that relate to things that we do in the world.

I tried to edit this by using the 3D filter, but it just got tricky. My vision was to have the words in 3D so it fits the theme of flying around. The edits I made on this image was highlighting the bottom and then click on edit > fill> and background. This process changed the original words to a red box and then I filled it in with the text.

To make it my own added the CT 101 logo on the plane.

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