I have two posters that I was messing around with:

I chose this one because I knew I could have fun with these the moment I saw it. The potential it had spoke to me. So yes, I chose it cuz I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to mess around with it. It’s CT101 I’m allowed to have fun okay?!

So after taking the photo for my own personal use, I took out all the text and the artist watermark (as per the instruction Professor Seslow gave us, I decided to make this poster my own and I came up with this:

I feel like everyone can have a chuckle and relate to this. There’s always been one point where you just find something and go “I want it, that’s mine now”. And you just take it home with you no matter what. It’s incredibly childlike (or at least the way I act about it) but hey, it’s mine. I have another one that I made but it’s for more personal use to use with friends, but I’ll share it on my site.

I knew about fill already as I’ve seen people use Photoshop before but actually using it is different as I didn’t know what it was called or how to do it as they were hot-keying everything but, it was still fun to learn something new and I made something I’m still chuckling about so it’s a win win

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