Transforming Propaganda Posters!

This class has been such a pleasure so far. It is so fun to create and look at what everyone else has created! Usually classes stress us out but we can all agree that CT 101 is a stress relief! The skills I’ve learned so far have been interesting and definitely not among skills many outside our class obtains. For this project I have decided to transform the following poster:


As you can tell, this class is where we all come together to share opinions and MEMES! It is the best part.  Thus, I have transformed this poster for CT 101 to express how we unite as we fight for memes 🙂 .


Among the many peers I’ve worked and studied with, I know the most about my classmates from the class. I have never talked to any of you (besides like 2) face to face in class so it is even more interesting how much we all have shared and learned about each other! Looking forward to see and create much more!

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