The Vessel?

Last week, The Vessel in Hudson Yard is finally opened. It will be the new attraction in New York. But people’s reactions are not that positive.

Look at the design of The Vessel,

Image result for vessel hudson yards

To be honest, it looks like a bee nest with lots of staircases. Although the view is nice when you get up there, is it worth the money to build something like this?  In my opinion, I think the company should use the money into something else.

Also, people need to do reservation online in order to up the Vessel. WHAT THE HELL? Do we really need to do reservation to go up bunch of stairs? Just hope they will cancel this idea afterwards.

There’s also news about the company set the rule about whoever took pictures there and post it on social media, the company will have right to use your picture immediately. It sounds ridiculous to me.

Anyways, doesn’t matter how much I rant because I will still do my reservation, and take pictures over there LOL


6 thoughts on “The Vessel?”

  1. Seriously, the picture thing….its public space, how can a company have the gall to “claim” the rights and application of the images people take from the view…
    Its a terrible idea and sets a terrible example.

    haha, my rant!

    Good work on this!

    1. Exactly!! Using people’s picture to promote the architecture without paying or giving credits is just horrible.
      It’s just not the way how business should work.
      Thank you for commenting though.

  2. I have the exact same thoughts! I went a few days ago, and queued on the website for over an hour! I mean its a pretty piece of “art”, but like you said.. that fund could have gone into something more productive for manhattan!!

    1. The last time I checked the reservation online is already full for the next two weeks. And yea, I think building bunch of staircase there is just not a good way of land usage. Building a ferris wheel is more attractive than this nest.

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