My domain name..

Currently I’m stuck on what I would like to do for my website. There are so many things I’m interested in. However, I want to be able to create a site about things I enjoy. As I write this, I have come to a conclusion that I will be creating a personal blog website. I was between creating a website just on makeup… but my website will be on travel spots, food and makeup.,” will be my domain name. I came up with it because I will be doing a blog about things in my life that excites me. My blog will feature skills that I’ve learned in CT101. Below, is a image that I created from my CT101 class last week to be featured in my blog.

Above is a moving image I created with the photoshop application on the computer. Carli Bybel, is a makeup artist that I love. She’s very talented and my love for makeup grows from watching her videos.

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