Grateful for Gif-Making!

My very first GIF made with Photoshop!

Using PhotoShop, Professor Seslow guided us in creating our own GIFS. I was excited to do this and was happy to learn another method of making a GIF aside from Giphy and Imgur. I had a little bit of trouble with the process at first, but with his help I was able to get it. This was not as hard as I expected but definitely not as easy either. I want to play around with Photoshop more so I can create more content on my own without any help. I’m excited to work on our next project and finally start creating websites! I really hope the domain name I’ve chosen hasn’t been taken yet. I want to use my website as a blog and portfolio. I already have a Wix website but I don’t really feel like that’s completely my own. I hope with the creation of this new website, I will be able to incorporate more of my creativity and personality into it.

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