Caveira the GIF Master

In class, we learned how to make a GIF-based portrait using Photoshop. Personally, at first, I thought it would be easy due to my prowess in Photoshop and other Adobe products. However, this was not the case. I will say it was not hair-pulling difficult but it definitely took more attention and focus than what I expected.

For this particular project, I chose to use my favorite operator known as Caveira. Caveira is an operator from the BOPE unit in Brazil in the game Rainbow Six Siege. She is inspirational to me in the sense that I truly respect her character design and background paired along with her abilities. In the GIF above we see her using her Silent Step ability to sneak up on an enemy and then using her Interrogation ability to reveal the position of the enemy team. The sheer fear that is instilled into teams when a Caveira is around is my favorite part as I have to not wander off or else I’m getting interrogated.

Overall, this project took a bit of patience to understand and I am happy with the finished product in respect to my favorite operator.

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