zack snyder wanted poster

So this was one of the DS101 projects we could’ve down form the Ds101 assignment bank.

If I did any of them, I defiantly wanted to this one. the main reason that I am a huge fan of the anime One Piece. Long, Long story short… it is a story about a guy who is trying to be king of pirates in a beautiful creative world. A big part of the series is wanted posters. the fandom loves it when a new wanted poster is revealed and usually leads to a lot of discussion. Heres one I just made myself.

The reason i picked zack snyder… I think it’s obvious seeing as how he destroyed some of my favorite characters in lackluster movies. Albeit he is not the sole reason to blame but hey, it was his vision. Wanted posters are just a fun thing in general. I encourage everyone to give one piece a chance if the time. I’ve seen many people accomplish catching up already. Hey it’s only 800+ episodes and ongoing.

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