GIF portrait: Jude Demorest (Star) is my inspiration


For this weeks assignment I got the chance to work with photoshop to make a Gif Portrait. Not gonna lie, this is a lot more complicated then using giphy, but it was pretty cool. Glad I know have this skill. I definitely plan to use it again!

My portrait gif of Jude Demorest, aka STAR!!! 

Jude Demorest plays Star Davis, the leading character on one of my favorite TV shows. The show, is also titled Star, and it airs on Wednesdays on Fox. I am absolutely in love with this show and the cast. It depicts real life struggles, trying to . follow one’s dreams, a whole lot of drama, and amazing music. I have every song from the show downloaded onto my phone.

The current tv cover for season 3, each season the cover changes.

Star is my inspiration because she will do anything for the ones she loves and cares about.  She also fights for her dream at all costs. Even though she wasn’t dealt the best hand or life, she continues to do what she needs to to become the star she is destined to be. Her talent and personality is also remarkable and funny. I love her to bits. I also find it cool that the character she plays is the polar opposite of who she is in real life. That shows how amazing her acting skills are. Now here are some Gifs showing scenes from the show.

and here are some gifs of Take 3, the girl group composed of Star, Simone (Brittany O’Grady) and Alex (Ryan Destiny).






What are you waiting for, go and watch this amazing show!!!

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