Panoramic Storytelling Parallel Universe

In one universe, we do not know each other, and we are all focusing on our own stuff. We are strangers, some of us just standing there, focus on our phones, and look at the landscape. At the same time and place, time warp phenomenon occurs. As a result, we are able to see what happened in the parallel universe, where everything is different. We are friends, and we are having a group discussion about the class. It is amazing that we are able to see what are we doing in the parallel universe. I wondered what decision I made to make all of the discussion happened. I wonder what is life like in the parallel universe. Is that guy over there really me. Well, there are way too many things I want to ask about him or the other me in another universe. Unfortunately, the Phenomenon only occurred for like 10 seconds, and I was unable to speak with other me there. I was way too focused on my phone!


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