Panoramic Storytelling ;about two different sides life

I being using iPhone brand new for so long time and also it mine first iPhone brand but, the saddest thing about myself is that I really don’t know how to used this amazing device to take a picture with the nice viewpoint.

In this assignment, we using the panoramic feature on our phone to create the two different side of the story. In this first picture on the left side, we are just strangers but, the second part is on the right side which shows that we became friends. While we doing this assignment I felt so strong that sometime we should really need to know how to use our phones in more advance just not watching videos or using different social media apps. Moreover, I love about this feature was that you can just take one picture with two different moves.

In this visual image, it shows how our life actually looks like in real life. In our daily life, everybody is doing their business for every day but, they always forget people who are near them is important in some point and never put the effort to communicate or interact with the person right next to you. When I have seen this kind of things I think we missing our big part of enjoyments and cheerful day.


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