I have a Domain Name!!!!

It’s time to choose a domain name that can represent your digital self. You can’t (and shouldn’t) pick just anything. It has to be unique and also available. It should be relevant – it could be based on your real name, a nickname, just something meaningful to you.

You will need to search for its availability using a domain registrar and you can pick from a number of different ‘top level domains (TLD)’ – for example .com, .net, .us, and .org – then you can have mypersonalsite.net. If you’d like to try to do something clever you can work with a TLD like .es and create a ‘domain name hack,’ in which the entire domain makes up a word for example – sleepswiththefish.es. Here’s a little additional advice as well as examples of students picking domain names from ds106.us.

You’re also going to need web hosting, which will allow you to put files up online and will be discoverable through your new domain name! We are going to use a form of ‘shared hosting’ where you get a portion of a server – think of it as having an apartment in a building. With this shared hosting you will be able to do a lot of things including installing your own instance of WordPress so you can start your website for your domain name.

We use a company called Reclaim Hosting, with which we have a contract with so you can enter a coupon code and start your account for free.

The coupon code was e-emailed to everyone on 3/26/20 – so please check your York e-mail address to get the code.

We chose this company because they have a lot of experience working with students just like you, that are likely getting their first domain name and web hosting account. You create an account just like you would with any online vendor with which you want to purchase something. So it’s not a ‘CUNY’ account, we’re just giving you the coupon code to pay for the year’s service.

You do not need to pay for anything, so please out if you have questions – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

With that said, you will need to provide a name, address, and phone number. Go to this sign-up page to get started.

1. First you will need to pick your domain name.



2. On the next page, check the ‘add ID protection.’


3. On the next page you should see two items in your cart and a price of $32 with ID protection, enter the provided coupon code and validate it. (you will NOT be charged for this, its included in the course)


4. Your total should now be $0. If it is not then check the items and your cart and adjust.

5. You should now fill in your personal information, and select the payment by mail option. (you will not be charged anything.)

6. Complete the order and check your email for your account information and a verification of your e-mail. With your new account information, log-on to Reclaiming Hosting.

7. Look for the Domains Tab, and check your domain name information. Enter that information in this form.

domains domain-info


9. Its now TIME TO INSTALL WORDPRESS.  *Here is the Tutorial that Ryan made in class on 3/26/20 – follow along and pause the video as you go!



HERE’S AN older TUTORIAL RYAN AND Michale MADE LAST YEAR that is also super helpful.


    1. Hi Morganne,

      WordPress is a web application you’re able to install on your server to run a WordPress site. You’re not using WordPress.com. But your server can take HTML/CSS/JS files and serve them up. It’s a webserver so that’s its job!

      There are actually dozens of web applications you can choose from to install on your web server, but CT 101 is designed around a WordPress install. If you’re up for the challenge of doing something different, you should reach out to Ryan directly via email.

      This is Prof. Michael Smith by the way, not Prof. Seslow. This post is one of my posts from when I last taught the class back in 2015. Hope this was helpful!

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