Portrait of the place where I always wanted to go back

This is another exciting day being in CT class because I know I am gone learn totally something new which makes me the happy.

Today’s assignment is again we have to collect more than one picture to complete this work. This time it not only just collecting the pictures and post at the online. This time we gone used photoshop and play the pictures around. For this assignment, I chose my dream place that I always wanted to go back all the time. For me, this place is the most glamorous. This assignment was not that complicated to created or give me trouble to create it. But for me, the hardest thing to finish up the assignment is to pick the pictures. But at least I finished it with the way I wanted to, I am satisfied with my outcome work.

I did use photoshop for a long time ago but, for this class help me to refresh all my memories from the past. Moreover, I felt like still, I am learning new things by using new tools that I never used before even though I took a web design class.

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