Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling

In my opinion, till now I been learning so many new things in this few past classes about the media. Moreover, I am still excited to learn more new things throughout the semester because I love anything related to technology especially when I learn something that I never have seen how to create or make it. That keeps me energetic in the class.

In this assignment, First I went to the website called the DS 106 assignment bank. In this website, you will see there are lots of different assignments which are a visual assignment, design assignment, video assignment, and web assignment etc.From this website, I chose one assignment which is Web assignment because I love to create a website based on what I am interested in. Inside the web assignment, there are lots of impressive works done by the people with creative brain and intelligence. But, from all of the works on the website, only one of the website totally drag my attention to it.

After I am going into deep and deep into the websites I end of with website called “Create Your Own Room” which is a most amazing website that teach you how to create or design your own room way you wanted. I specifically chose this website because I like to keep my own room clean and also love to decorate it with my favorite colors. Moreover, I think is your own room is space where you most of time to give you the relaxation and peaceful so, in my opinion, our rooms are the first priority to keep you want to be. That way, I will love to create a website based on the room.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling