Panoramic Storytelling: Sparking a Friendship

In this week’s assignment, “Panoramic Storytelling With Multiplicity,” we learned about the panoramic feature that is found in our phones. By using that feature, we created a visual story where the subject of the picture is on one side, and then on the opposite side, almost like time travel. With our panoramic image, we created a story, “Sparking a Friendship.”

With this visual image, we portrayed the reality of how college life really is, in terms of having friendships. At first, it shows that we aren’t looking eye to eye, we aren’t really communicating, because we know that we are complete strangers. All of us are just minding our business and trying to get through the day. However, with any topics and any interests, with one interaction, it can completely spark a friendship. As time goes by, that friendship can keep on building, possibly making it long-term. Every laughters, every chit-chats, and every interaction, will play a role in continuing it over time.

Overall, the panoramic feature is such a great feature to play around. Using that feature can help you improve in photography skills, capturing views, moments, and etc. By capturing an image, and telling the meaning behind it, it creates such an exciting picture as one.

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