Panoramic Shot

I’ve always seen those “photography hack videos” that show you how to do cool edits with your camera, but I would never be able to do so myself. I was so glad that I was able to do the Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity. I wasn’t able to come to class last week, but I still managed to grasp the concept. At first, Karen and I had a hard time doing it. She would come out looking really discombobulated.

A peek at our trial and error process.

In this shot we were so close to getting it, but Karen kind of morphs into the air somehow. I realized with each shot, I would move the camera too quickly and she would run into the frame too quickly as well. With a couple of adjustments on both of our ends, we were able to create one final, successful product!

Success! Shout out to Bella the Buggy for being a background model.

I really enjoyed this project, and learning on my own through trial and error. I plan on doing another piece like this with more people. Hopefully next time I can create a  a better story with it!

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