Visual Assignment – DS 106

I am late to post this assignment so here I am!

This is a late assignment submission using DS 106 Assignment Bank. Under the Visual assignments tab, we were assigned to create a post using multiple pictures of ourselves or someone we know and layer them in photoshop. The main purpose is to unleash the creativity inside us. So here I am presenting my work which I named Perplexed. My reason behind the name is that in our everyday life we have to make choices. Keep choosing the same decisions as commitments and newer ones as well while calculating all possible pros and cons. The perplexity occurs when we try to foresee if we are making the right choices or not for ourselves and for the people around us. We can depend on our experiences but only time ahead can tell us if it is right or wrong. So always have a backup plan.

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  1. Ruby, this is excellent! Great work, and so well said, and I love that you used yourself as the subject!
    PS- don’t forget to hyperlink to the actual assignment in the DS106 repository :))

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