The Pano-Time Travel: Where Friendship Takes Flight

For the CT 101 class, our current project is Panoramic Storytelling With Multiplicity by using the panoramic feature of our mobile devices and create a visual fictional story or basically whatever the heck we can come up with. A panorama is “the unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer”. I was behind the camera. I did not want it to be simply fictional but give it a slight hint of reality as well. With such short amount of time and a little mishap *cough*, we came up with this idea I would like to name Where Friendship Takes Flight.

We are a hipster generation where we don’t always see eye to eye with older people because of the massive time evolution. Mayhaps why we come across as bunch of introverts and anti-socials. Friendship is such a beautiful process that can take place regardless of age, gender, race, and basically everything. We connect with each other on a common ground despite having differences. It naturally happens between everyone. This picture is about how friendships happen in our academic lives specifically. For example, we can strike up a conversation with a stranger about how we feel about a topic where we both support the same argument or differ, and then go on with our days separately or become friends for life.

For this somewhat of an emotional post, take a screenshot and comment below which potato you are 🤗

(it’s okay if you don’t 😅)

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