Panoramic Storytelling: Strangers Becoming Friends

Our class trying out the Panorama feature.

In this weeks assignment we learned about this amazing feature that is included on most phones. The Panorama feature is like creating a time warp, where the subject on one side becomes another version of themselves in the next, just like magic. With a steady hand, perfect timing, and an interesting scene, there’s multiple ways to tell an dynamic panoramic stories. There can be the humorous or the serious style of telling stories.

The story my group decided to portray was more on the serious side. It depicts how strangers from all different walks of life can come together and become friends. I think this image reflects and represents how students of York, or any school come together and build friendships. In the beginning we don’t know each other, but all it takes is one moment and we can all click. Over time begin to build a bond. I think the panorama feature is amazing because there are endless amounts of stories that can be told. I also think its cool how one image can showcase both the past and the future, just by connecting parts of a scene. Now that I learned this feature, I plan to use it and create more exciting images in the future.

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