Panoramic Storytelling Fun

Our assignment was to create our own panoramic story within our group during class. We came up with three different scenarios. One was a reference to the Friends Intro couch scene, another was where we were on our phones then we just started laughing randomly and lastly a group member noticed my Hey Arnold t-shirt and we looked up an image of the show’s characters posing on a stoop of a house and we posed certain ways in the photo. We had fun creating these panoramic photos but it was complicated coming up with scenarios and the props that we used like the couch and the stool because we had to move them several times to multiply it into the photo as well.


2 thoughts on “Panoramic Storytelling Fun”

  1. I love the connection you guys. made with the Hey Arnold picture used and the photograph that you described as “all you guys where on the phone and randomly started laughing”. I love those connections because when you look at the Hey Arnold picture it makes you think of a space where a group of friend are hanging out but everyone is simply enjoying each others company while doin their own thing.

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