Flexibilty in the kinds of Digital Storytelling. (DS106 Design Assignment)

I am not a big fan of minions, not at all. Not until I watch the movie Minions. Some of my friends said that I am childish, but hey, I also love movies such as Sherlock. You cannot characterize a person as childish because they like anime characters. Some people said when they grow up, they start to like different many things, but not things they like when they are little. However, hey, I do not think people do not dream of their favorite anime characters come alive. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if anime characters actually come alive and become part of our society? The point I try to make is that people do not easily change their thought on the things they like. Anyway, here is the picture I made in Photoshop, it took me about an hour. By the way, I hate cutting figures out from the original picture, it is annoying.

here is the first assignment I choose. Instead of photoshopping myself into the photo, I decided to made a new picture.

Second assignment I choose, I was making an online flyer recently, but I decided to do the first one because I get to photoshop another picture



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