So today in CT101, the goal was to play around with the panorama feature on our phones to create a cool photo! I’ve tried this once before, and let’s just say it was a failure but surprisingly the one we did for class came out really cool! Let me call this “OUR OWN ENEMIES”. I got the idea for the picture from the TV show Naruto and his kamehameha powers of some sort.   I think we did a good job recreating it. Let’s write a back story to this.. shall we?

We believe we have many enemies in life, a lot of temptations, hatred and let’s just there’s a lot of negativity in life. It may come from different aspects of our life from our friends, family, work, school, the internet. We can find enemies in every aspect of our lives but who are our biggest enemies? Guess W H O? It’s OURSELVES. It kind of reminded me of this meme. “Dark Side Kermit”.

Nobody can really bring us down until we let them, so that means we are our own enemies. This picture really depicts that. We are the one attacking ourselves, and we’re pretty defenseless a lot of the time.

We had a lot of fun creating this photo!!! Until the next class project!


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