First Week of Classes vs. Finals Week..

Learning and trying out panoramic shots today was an absolutely fun experience! As an individual who loves photography I’m surprised I’ve never tested the cool double feature of panoramic image before! This weekend Im planning on creating more moving panoramic shots with friends.
This panoramic image with my group expresses our first week of class vs finals week! First week of class we’re loaded with enthusiasm, willing to meet new people & participating in all the college activities..Finals weeks shows we are LITERALLY DEAD.. Functioning correctly isn’t even possible, slumped over and exhausted due to all the exams and papers..


Motion of Gravity Effect..

We decided to test out how we appeared in different aspects of personality and motion effects! This idea was pretty random since we’ve seen it floating around online so we decided to recreate it for fun! This was so new to me, though I’ve done pano shots of a room multiple times but never included myself into any.  
Can we also take a moment to see how the image distorted one of my group members as she was fixing her hair in the shot, LOL! 

I learned that panoramic shots vs other image shooting its key to remain still to capture the best effects, but it was some of our first time, so its all about trial and error and making it a fun experience!

I have so many cloning ideas in mind that Im willing to challenge with friends and family, even for my Youtube channel ..


Here’s a photo of my class as a whole, testing out the pano shooting feature with Professor Ryan for the first time, we seemed shy and out of context at first. However, trying it again, in smaller groups we begin feeling more comfortable and having more fun! I wish we all were facing ourselves in both shots, but for the most part it was all of our first times and still shows dynamic. 

This expression shot shows ourselves rivaling against each other, the importance it pointing in the direction your planning to stand next. As a individual that does photography as a hobby, some don’t understand the behind the scenes it takes to create great eye catching imagery. 



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