We tried multiple times before we figure out how to take a perfect picture. First, I was the one took the picture and we had an idea of “First day” vs “Last day” of the semester. First day of the semester with lots of fun and excitement, we posed like laughing and chatting around, but then last day of the semester, it was exhausted and we want to “pass out” already.

But then, we had another idea that we wanted to try out, so we asked other people to hep us took a photo with all four of us.

The idea is to make the picture look like we are pushing ourself in this picture. We posed like pushing in one side and run to another side posed like we are being pushed 🙂

P/S : Please look at my group mate when when she trying to fix her hair in the picture and IT REALLY SHOWN !!

This panorama technique can help us do a lot of fun things and especially can be used as a trick when we want to trick our friend with a cool technique that they may not know.

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