DS106 Assignment #2

My second DS106 assignment, I picked was creating a bucket list. I always wanted to start one but never had the time to actually think about it. Bucket list isn’t a concept many people thought about before but now  individuals  want to  explore  and  create  new adventures.  Bucket lists  are  sort  of  like  mini  contracts  you  create  with  yourself  to  indulge  in  life  experiences.  Bucket  lists  are  a nice  way  to  personalize  your  own  goals.  For my bucket list, I listed Bora Bora because I always wanted to go but because of the staggering prices,  I haven’t traveled there yet. But within my life time, it is a goal to visit there at least once.  I’m  an  adrenaline  junkie,  and  love  experiences  that  give  me  that  rush,  which  is  why I picked  kite  surfing,  zip  lining,  bungee  jumping,  dirt  biking,  and  sky  diving. Before  I can kite  surf  and go  dirt  biking,  I would  have  to  take  lessons.  I always  liked  thrill-seeking  adventures.  My  favorite  thing  to  do  during  my  leisure  times  are  to  travel  and  explore.  Which  is  why  my  bucket  list  is  composed  of  it.  

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