Class Collab!

Panorama is so fun to play with! At first, I was dreading trying to take a picture because I hate taking pictures but it was so fun to do this assignment! 

We all started the class with a class panorama! It is something that was funny because as you can see we are pointing at ourselves. If you wanted, you can make a deep meaning out of this silly picture. Maybe we can take this picture and are blame ourselves (nicer way of putting is take responsibility) for what happens to us?


During the first day of the semester, I believe we are all motivated and happy because its a fresh start and we tell ourselves “we will do it all”. Unfortunately, by the end of the semester, we are so worn out and tired of the numerous papers and exams we had to take over the semester! This panorama is suppose to depict exactly that :).

Following is another two shots my group and I took. We were having a lot of fun but I am convinced I do not know how to stand still because in one picture it look like I have a prosthetic leg (LOL) and in another I’ve disappeared into a mesh of pixels… too funny.


(what is happening to me xD) 

Overall, this has been the most fun Ive had since a while doing an assignment.




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