Learning New Skills In CT101

So sadly I missed our most recent class but that is definitely not going to stop me. The power of memes drives my will on to stay in line with assignments. It appears that we had to choose one assignment to from the DS repository that we feel we can complete and one that we can learn how to do that might be a challenge.

The Lowlights assignment was the first to come into mind when I thought of something that would be a challenge for me. I’ve made montages in the past but I’ve never really made one where it’s me failing. I want to improve my Premiere skills as much as possible, so this was a choice of what I can see as an incredibly fun challenge.

On the flip side, something that is incredibly easy that I can do in about 30 seconds is the Creepy Anime Eye project. I am always learning new things in Adobe and I saw this project and said to myself, “Hmm, this is pretty interesting, I’ll test it real quick.” It literally was probably the quickest project I learned how to do.

Overall I don’t mind at all doing either of these projects and would enjoy doing as many of them as possible. For me this is fun, not work. I hope from this I hope to know these projects like the back of my hand and not reference a tutorial every one in a blue moon.


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