DS106 Bucket List Assignment

I completed the DS106 Bucket List Collage as seen above. These are the things I would like to do for my bucket list: Travel around the World to the U.K., Europe, Australia, and etc. I would like to see the world outside of New York City. The next image is skydiving. I love to try new things and I am kind of an adrenaline junkie. I live for stuff like that-the thrill and excitement. Then I would like to meet Chris Brown. I have been a supporter and fan of his ever since his first debut as a singer and I’ve watched him grow as a singer, actor, artist, father, and more. Lastly, I would love to race a car. Again, adrenaline junkie. I love to drive and the speed/acceleration you can achieve when I am behind the wheel. I only made a collage of four images but I have plenty of other things I would like to accomplish before I “kick the bucket”. This was a fun and simple project and I did enjoy making the collage.

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