Ds101 Projects

I am interested in several projects on the Ds101 assignment bank two of them stand out for me right now. The first is something that really caught my eye in the custom wanted poster. I am a huge fan of westerns and pirate shows so i am excited to make one of my own. another assignment that interested me was the random wikipedia assignment. I always enjoy writing and telling stories and being put into a situation where i have to write a story about something that I have no control of sounds fun.

Several of these projects should be done by the ned of the semester as I hope they will help me become more tech savvy like i wish for entering this class. And it will also help me get use to working with specific situations and telling stories with digital media. These skills are very important because it can help you learn the trades of the internet and communicate with others through memes or fun ideas.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling