DS 106 is really a good site for inspirations

This week I get more chances to use Photoshop. The first part of the class we did a little project based on this assignment on DS 106:

We created a portrait using multiple pictures. We used Photoshop to create it. At first it’s difficult to do because each picture the background is different, I had to erase them first. Them I combined them and here is the result,

I am impressed with the result, but I think I can make a better one next time. Maybe I will use my own portrait next time.

Another assignment I did was this:

I created an anaglyph image by using Photoshop. Anaglyph image is basically combining two images: one is red and one is blue/cyan. When we wear a red/cyan glasses, we will able to see the image is getting 3D.

Here is the image I created using the portrait of Billie Eilish.

This one is pretty easy to make. By following the steps, I finished this picture within a minute.

Learning to use Photoshop and create different images make my blog look outstanding. DS 106 provides us many ways to create digitally, and I would probably try audio assignment in the future.

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