Can memes be art? I believe the answer to this question is subjective just as art is subjective. Art causes the individual to feel something that may be different from the next person. When you see a meme it is easy to understand what the message is because of familiarity. In this sense I think that memes are Art.

Can memes be a good form of communication? Memes use images that are popular and pleasing to the eye. They are recognizable on a wide spectrum and easily noticeable. As long as memes are accepted, I do believe that memes can be a good form of communication.

Can memes be a form of self-expression? If memes are like art and that means their subjective, then yes they can be a form of self-expression. When you see a meme you are able to relate to it because of its familiarity or popularity. With the wide scope of the Internet today memes are accepted everywhere and add a certain something to anyone who uses them.

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