Bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list that they always want to complete but somehow they never get to finish it or it keeps accumulating of things to do. I’ve always had a bucket list of things i want to do but somehow it always turned out to be a majority of food. with this project i decided to think outside the box of adventurous i would like to do.

The goal for this assignment was to collect pictures of your bucket list and put them together in a collage and describe a brief summary with why it is on your bucket list.

DS 106 Assignment 

Below is my version of this bucket list.

  1. I love to travel explore different places and cultures so it has always been my dream to travel to the 50 different states.
  2. As being a Caribbean decent I’ve always wanted to experience carnival in Trinidad.
  3. I’ve wanted to experience a hot air balloon and face my fears of heights
  4. I love the speed of race car and wanted to experience what it is like to drive around and race other race cars.


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