Are Internet Meme Art?

I remember when I took an art class in high school, what is art was the first question that we discussed as a class. The answer itself was subjective, that means everyone can have their own definition of art. Everything is art. A single scratch in the floor is art, and grassland is art as well; the art created by nature. Internet memes are arts for sure. Although the intention of making art is to make fun of something, the purpose of the art does not change the fact that the piece is art. For instance, artists in golden age mostly made art for the living, their works were arts for sure. Art expresses something that we cannot express with words.

Meme expresses feelings much easier compared with words. For instance

Art does not have to be very complicated. Depends on how people look at the arts, a scratch in the floor is art when people look it in different perspectives.

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