Digital Storytelling Assign//using Photoshop

Learning more about Photoshop Thursday was impressive!

I was taught some additional tech skills, that I probably wouldn’t have challenged myself to! I want to transform myself, into a past-present transformation which I will begin practicing this week. I hope to master it better my next time around

Creating digital photo memes in photoshop is really cool! I made this one, but I see myself advancing quickly..I want to be a lot more creative with my images. Photoshop allows the ability to express yourself with funny text in mind. I plan on making some of myself, its all about having fun with it..right!!
Nothing wrong with adding a little humor.. especially if its the truth!


One thought on “Digital Storytelling Assign//using Photoshop”

  1. Nothing wrong with a little humor at all! I encourage it, and a light hearted approach to learning new skills! Great work on this! I like the combining of the new skills learned in photoshop and the meme project together. Blog posts are endless potentials for sharing and expressing!
    Good work!

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