Things that I accomplished this week.

I am the QUEEN of procrastination, and even the smallest accomplishments are a big accomplishments to me.

This is me everyday of the week:


So like I said every small task that I managed to do from my list is already a great accomplishment.

You know that saying: 

A task is a task no matter how small. Funny right?

The first thing I’ve accomplished this week was to take photos of makeup I want to review. I love flatlays, I love looking at them on  Instagram #flatflays . I also love arranging things, to make them cohesive! So that was my first task and accomplishment this week. Here’s a look of that! I quite proud of it actually. I took a lot of photos, but this one was the best for me!

I made a layout for a future blog post for my website! Words are coming up soon, but that’s another task for another week! I feel that the creative part to things always comes first, or comes “naturally” to me then the writing is always the struggle.


The last thing that I’ve accomplished this week was finally finishing up my self-logo! A lot of people ask how I made this logo, and I laugh and say “Yeah I’m asking myself the same thing”. It was just luck when I was playing around with illustrator and photoshop. Maybe I’ll try to recreate another photo, and write a post about it so I can learn and others can learn from it. 



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