Possible DS106 Assignments


The two ds106 assignments that stood out to me were a mashup assignment called “Animoji Karoke” and a visual assignment called “Bucket List”. I screenshot the pages and their descriptions can be found under this paragraph. I think I need to relearn how to use an iPhone considering that I’ve been an android user for about 4 years and the last iPhone I owned was the 5C and it didn’t have Animoji like today’s models do. I would like to attempt more assignments dealing with photoshop seeing as how I’m still not used to using it and I can get confused and lost when navigating through the application. But for now, I would like to start off with something simple like the following. I think all skills involving technology are important considering the fact that it is always improving and evolving. Technology has come a long way from beepers, dial-up telephones to mobile phones and laptops.

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