Happiness on the Innanets

In the age of technology and “the Innanets”  everyday brings something brand new and undiscovered. I would compare the landscape of the world wide web to what I imagine the wild west was like. Unchartered territory with little to no rules and unlimited possibilities. To make matters even better, all of us participating could qualify as Innanet Cowboys.

Clint Eastwood. My Problematic Fav.

Because of the unlimited possibilities, you can experience/create whatever your brain imagines. That alone makes me happy as a person whose interests are scattered and often unrelated. So with that being said, here is a poem based off the last lines of the famous Statue of Liberty poem “New Collosus”.

“Give me your ratchet reality television , your memes,
Your 240 characters yearning to breathe free,
The wretched explorer page of your Instagram.
Send trolls, the podcasts, Beyonce to me,
I lift my android  beside the entrance to the Innanets!”

Finally, just because your fav could never…



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