Am I morphing this correctly?

This assignment Professor Ryan said that we should try this assignment from DS106 , there’s a screen shot of the assignment below. I think that the DS106 is a really good place when you just want to get your creative juices going because you just have to pick a topic, and write. There’s no need to generate or brainstorm which is usually the hardest part when writing content. Proffesor Ryan talked about how we shouldn’t feel like nobody cares to read our post so we won’t upload it. Which hit home for me because, I have been trying to blog here and there, but I always think that nobody will care about my content and will just be a waste of time even though I personally enjoy writing that said content. So here I am going to try to change that when it comes to my website. Funny thing is… this assignment is very basic to Photoshop but I still can’t perfect it. I remember when I was younger, maybe in the 7th grade I would play around and layer and multiply myself on Photoshop and this assignment feels very nostalgic.

This is a photo of what I did to multiply myself back in the 7th grade, which seems like ages and ages ago.

Almost 10 years later and I’m still not that good!! Here’s my take on this assignment of making an “unconventional portrait” by layer and playing around with the opacity in Photoshop.


This first photo I tried to delete the extra elements of the layers I’ve added on to the photo and only get the face, which looks quite strange now because it looks like a cloud of face, and the background and foreground is looking normal.

For this second photo I just kept the photo as they are and just changed the opacity and the layer position. I seem to like the second one waaay better than the first one. You guys can be the judge!

Did I succeed? I’m not quite sure. I would have to try this again on myself, with a empty background, facing in different directions. I think that would be so much better.


Ariana C

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