Memes Are Definitely Art.

So I have been tasked with deciding whether memes are art or not. When I think of an immediate example of art, I think of the different art pieces that were made during the Renaissance. But now that I think about it deeply, memes are definitely art.

Memes to me embody art, not in a sense of creating something from scratch. However, memes are usually simple things that are taken from pop culture and used to create amusing pieces of content.

Memes usually always invoke a feeling of happiness to me. They seem to always be creative and use the perfect situation in their imagery. From the scarily basic “normie” memes to the tier 4 complicated memes, they are always great.

Being tasked to make memes is no laughing matter just as art. It can be taken seriously while also being fun. Memes need to affect a large enough amount of people to become mainstream and popular much like art. They need to last and cause an emotional reaction as well.

Overall, when one looks at art in comparison to a meme, they may not see the true values of art within memes. Memes do a good job of mashing culture together and can reflect any emotion. Also, some may be difficult to understand for “normies.” CT-101 so far has been a great experience with memes and I feel it can only get better.

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