Flexibility in Digital Storytelling

 .         http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/averaged-portrait/

        One project that caught my eye on DS106 was an averaged portrait. This Project is an averaged portrait which is when multiple pictures are used to create one photo. Not like a collage but more like a way that every picture is almost blended together.  I chose this because it looks really cool and with different facial expressions it could look even cooler. It just seems like a fun thing to create. I think I need to learn how to blend photos together in that way to create one image. Maybe two projects like this would be enough to learn how to use the tools needed to create such an image.  Those type of skills are important because that can help branch out your creativity. Here is an example of this:


        Another assignment that I think is really interesting is a photoshop assignment where someone edited themselves into a different environment. I chose this project because you are able to put yourself in an environment that you’ve never been in before and that is really exciting. Something that you would need to learn how to do is use photoshop in the proper way. Photoshop is very important when it comes to designing because with that you are able to create many didn’t images. Here is an example of this: 


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